Valeteck is a IT solution provider with deep focus on industry and technology expertise. Based in India, since 2008, Valeteck has delivered a number of large-scale tailored software and web-based software development projects, as well as numerous projects of a modest scale. We have mastered the various methods needed to handle the full spectrum of activities in the development process. One of our major driving forces is the passion we work to deliver value based services. We provide a full spectrum of services viz. Software Development solutions, Web Applications, Web sites, e-Commerce, Web Promotion, Web hosting, Multimedia and Design Solutions.

No matter what your industry, Valeteck builds a trust relationship with your business. Discover how many of our clients have used Valeteck as their technology vendor and partner, to:

  • Provide specialized vendor-independent IT consulting
  • Understand your business requirements and build a clear IT roadmap for success
  • Deliver your IT projects on time and within budget - including fixed price projects
  • Evaluate your IT competency to align your IT strategy with your core business

Knowledge - Value - Passion

Your business depends on leading edge technology to stay ahead of the competition and provide value to your clients. Valeteck understands the need and the difference technology can make.

We at Valeteck believes in "why leave any stone unturned" when comes to providing solutions.

Valeteck delivers value based solutions and a methodology for your success when using today's most demanding technologies:

  • Managed Solutions
  • Enterprise IT Services
  • Cloud Computing

The Valeteck Difference

Your business works hard to deliver excellence, and your IT partner should, too. Valeteck customers enjoy a lasting partnership fueled by high levels of communication and professionalism throughout your projects. As a Valeteck customer you will experience:

  • Unparalleled commitment and passion for your success
  • Impeccable reputation for speed, quality, and value
  • Dedication to earning and maintaining your trust
  • Contact us to see what difference Valeteck can make for your business!